Team Tinkoff Credit Systems

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Tinkoff Credit Systems
Team data
UCI code TCS
nationality RussiaRussia Russia
License Professional Continental
First season 2005
Last season 2008
discipline Street
Wheel manufacturer Colnago
Team manager Stefano Feltrin
Name story
Years Surname
Tinkoff Restaurants (KOF)
Tinkoff Credit Systems (TCS)
Tinkoff Credit Systems jersey

The Tinkoff Credit Systems team was a Russian cycling team .


The team took part in the UCI Europe Tour as Tinkoff Restaurants from 2005 and initially had the status of a Continental team . The team boss was the owner of the restaurant chain, Oleg Tinkow .

As of 2007, the bank "Tinkoff Credit Systems", which was also founded by Tinkow in 2006 and focuses on the credit card business, took over the sponsorship of the team. In addition, the sporting management of the Team LPR team was committed and a license as a Professional Continental Team was applied for. Sports manager was Omar Piscina and Orlando Maina and Dmitri Konyshev served as sports directors .

In autumn 2006, the team made headlines by signing the American Tyler Hamilton, who had previously been banned from doping, and the German Danilo Hondo, who was suspected of doping . The German Jörg Jaksche , who confessed to being a customer of the Fuentes doping network, signed a contract in mid-April 2007. However, both Hamilton and Jaksche were suspended on April 30, 2007.

Tinkow said in an interview with Tour magazine: “Riders like Danilo Hondo and Hamilton should show them [the young riders in the team] how to ride a bike professionally. They should serve as a role model for them. ” The team founder has repeatedly shown public interest in signing the former Tour de France winner Jan Ullrich .

The cycling team was invited to participate in the Giro d'Italia 2007 by wildcard . At the end of the 2008 season, the team was disbanded.

In 2009, a new Katjuscha cycling team was founded on the basis of the Tinkoff team , which received a ProTeam license. In addition to the professional team, Katjuscha also includes other cycling teams for track, cyclo-cross, women's cycling as well as the farm teams Katjuscha Continental Team and Itera-Katjuscha .

Team 2008

Disposals – additions

Accesses Team 2007 Departures Team 2008
RussiaRussia Alexander Chatuntsev GermanyGermany Danilo Hondo Serramenti PVC Diquigiovanni
ItalyItaly Luca Mazzanti Ceramiche Panaria RussiaRussia Anton Mindlin Cinelli OPD
ItalyItaly Alberto Loddo Serramenti PVC Diquigiovanni ItalyItaly Salvatore Commesso Preti Mangimi
ColombiaColombia Walter Pedraza Serramenti PVC Diquigiovanni United StatesUnited States Tyler Hamilton Rock racing
BelarusBelarus Jauhen Sobal Cinelli-Endeka OPD ItalyItaly Elio Aggiano End of career
GermanyGermany Alexander Gottfried Team Sparkasse GermanyGermany Jörg Jaksche Doping ban
RussiaRussia Nikita Jeskow Ex-professional ( locomotive 2005) ItalyItaly Ruggero Marzoli suspended
ItalyItaly Bernardo Riccio Neoprofi GermanyGermany Steffen Weigold End of career

Team 2008

Surname birthday nationality
Pawel Gross January 29, 1982 RussiaRussia Russia
Alexander Chatuntsev February 11, 1985 RussiaRussia Russia
Daniele Contrini 15th August 1974 ItalyItaly Italy
Alexander Gottfried 5th July 1985 GermanyGermany Germany
Mikhail Ignatiev May 7, 1985 RussiaRussia Russia
Nikita Jeskow January 23, 1983 RussiaRussia Russia
Vasil Kiryenka June 28, 1981 BelarusBelarus Belarus
Sergei Klimov July 7, 1980 RussiaRussia Russia
Alberto Loddo 5th January 1979 ItalyItaly Italy
Luca Mazzanti 4th February 1974 ItalyItaly Italy
Walter Pedraza November 27, 1981 ColombiaColombia Colombia
Yevgeny Petrov May 25, 1978 RussiaRussia Russia
Bernardo Riccio March 21, 1985 ItalyItaly Italy
Ivan Rowny September 30, 1987 RussiaRussia Russia
Alexander Serov November 12, 1982 RussiaRussia Russia
Ricardo Serrano 4th August 1978 SpainSpain Spain
Jauhen Sobal April 7, 1981 BelarusBelarus Belarus
Nikolai Trusov 2nd July 1985 RussiaRussia Russia
Ilya Chernetsky 17th January 1984 RussiaRussia Russia
Trainees nationality
Alberto Contoli ItalyItaly Italy
Massimo Graziato ItalyItaly Italy
Jarosław Marycz PolandPoland Poland

Achievements in 2008

date run driver
January 30th QatarQatar4th stage Qatar tour ItalyItaly Alberto Loddo
13th February MalaysiaMalaysia5th stage Tour de Langkawi ItalyItaly Alberto Loddo
April 1st ItalyItaly1st stage Settimana Ciclistica Lombarda ( MZF ) ItalyItaly Tinkoff Credit Systems
May 11th SpainSpain3rd stage Clásica Alcobendas ItalyItaly Bernardo Riccio
May 14th ItalyItaly5th stage Giro d'Italia RussiaRussia Pawel Gross
30th May ItalyItaly19th stage of the Giro d'Italia BelarusBelarus Vasil Kiryenka

Successes in 2007

date run driver
February 10th MalaysiaMalaysia9th stage Tour de Langkawi RussiaRussia Pawel Gross
February 15th FranceFrance3rd stage Mediterranean cruise RussiaRussia Mikhail Ignatiev
20. February ItalyItaly Trofeo Laigueglia RussiaRussia Mikhail Ignatiev
3 March SwitzerlandSwitzerland Grand Prix Chiasso RussiaRussia Pawel Gross
April 16 United StatesUnited States1st stage Tour de Georgia ItalyItaly Daniele Contrini
25. May FranceFrance3rd stage Circuit de Lorraine ItalyItaly Ruggero Marzoli
May 27th FranceFrance5th stage Circuit de Lorraine GermanyGermany Jörg Jaksche
23-27 May FranceFrance Overall classification Circuit de Lorraine GermanyGermany Jörg Jaksche
June 19th NetherlandsNetherlandsPrologue Ster Elektrotoer RussiaRussia Mikhail Ignatiev
June 22 NetherlandsNetherlands3rd stage of Ster Elektrotoer BelarusBelarus Vasil Kiryenka
August 14th SpainSpain1st stage Burgos Tour RussiaRussia Mikhail Ignatiev
18th of August SpainSpain5th stage Burgos Tour BelarusBelarus Vasil Kiryenka
August 25 GermanyGermany4th stage Rothaus Regio-Tour RussiaRussia Mikhail Ignatiev
September 11 United KingdomUnited Kingdom2nd stage Tour of Britain RussiaRussia Nikolai Trusov
September 14th United KingdomUnited Kingdom5th stage Tour of Britain RussiaRussia Alexander Serov

Placements in UCI rankings

UCI Asia Tour

season Team ranking Driver ranking
2007 17th
2008 18th

UCI Europe Tour

season Team ranking Driver ranking
2007 6th RussiaRussia Mikhail Ignatiev (11.)
2008 31. BelarusBelarus Wassil Kiryenka (92nd)

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