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As Neoprofi (of neo ancient Greek for new and professional , dt about. Entrants) is in sports , particularly in cycling , called an athlete the status of amateur left and professional athletes has become ( "Professional").

Importance in cycling

In the past, a cyclist - whether road or rail - was called a neoprofi, who obtained a professional license and thus gave up his amateur status. With the introduction of the standard license in the 1990s, this definition lost its meaning.

Since then a road cyclist is usually considered a neoprofi in his first year of contract with a UCI WorldTeam or UCI Professional Continental Team . Sometimes drivers who conclude a contract with a UCI Continental team for the first time are also called neoprofi, although these drivers can, but do not have to be, professional athletes.

The term Neoprofi is also used in the regulations of the UCI World Cycling Association and in the Joint Agreements concluded between the CPA driver association and the AIGCP team association . According to this, a driver is a neoprofessional who becomes a member of a UCI WorldTeam or UCI Professional Continental Team for the first time before the age of 25. If his contract begins by June 30 of a year, this status ends at the end of the following calendar year; otherwise at the end of the calendar year after next. This status leads to a reduction in the otherwise required minimum remuneration. In addition, the size of a UCI WorldTeam depends on the number of Neoprofis: The maximum number of riders per ProTeam is 28 without Neoprofis, 29 with one Neoprofi and 30 with two or more Neoprofis.

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