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Cinelli-OPD was a San Marinese cycling team .

The team was founded in 2007 under the name Cinelli-Endeka-OPD with a UCI license as a Continental Team and mainly took part in races on the UCI Europe Tour . Simone Mori, Simone Biasci and Antonio Cibei acted as sporting directors .

The team emerged from the Serbian Continental Team Endeka . In 2008 the sponsor Endeka got out and got involved with the Nippo-Endeka team . For the 2009 season, the team did not receive a license and broke up.

The former main sponsor Cinelli is a manufacturer of bicycle parts. Endeka is an insurance company.

2008 season

Successes in the Continental Circuits

date run driver
the 14th of March CroatiaCroatia1st stage Istrian Spring Trophy ItalyItaly Ivan Fanelli
30th May MoroccoMorocco1a. Tour du Maroc stage RussiaRussia Alexei Shchebelin
30th May MoroccoMorocco1b. Tour du Maroc stage ItalyItaly Ivan Fanelli
2th of June MoroccoMorocco4th stage Tour du Maroc RussiaRussia Alexei Shchebelin
June 4th MoroccoMorocco6b. Stage Tour du Maroc VenezuelaVenezuela Jesús Perez
June 5th MoroccoMorocco7th stage Tour du Maroc RussiaRussia Alexei Shchebelin
May 30th - June 5th MoroccoMorocco Overall ranking Tour du Maroc RussiaRussia Alexei Shchebelin
June 16 SpainSpain6th stage Circuito Montañés RussiaRussia Alexei Shchebelin
11-17 June SpainSpain Overall ranking Circuito Montañés RussiaRussia Alexei Shchebelin
September 15th MexicoMexico3rd stage Vuelta Mexico ItalyItaly Ivan Fanelli
9th October VenezuelaVenezuela3rd stage Clásico Ciclístico Banfoandes ArgentinaArgentina Juan Pablo Dotti
October 13th VenezuelaVenezuela8th stage Clásico Ciclístico Banfoandes ItalyItaly Manuele Spadi

Additions Disposals

Accesses Team 2007 Departures Team 2008
Manuele Spadi Ceramica Flaminia Gianluca Coletta Ceramica Flaminia
Serhiy Matvyeev Ceramiche Panaria-Navigare Jauhen Sobal Tinkoff Credit Systems
Anton Mindlin Tinkoff Credit Systems Stefan Christow Team Nippo-Endeka
Fabio Ciccarese Boyaca Es Para Vivirla-Marche Giordano Montanari Team Nippo-Endeka
Cameron Litter Priority Health Bissell Igor Pugaci End of career
Bálint Szeghalmi Team Cornix Vladimir Smirnov End of career
Valentino Carriero Neoprofi Alexander Baschenow Unknown
Andrij Pryshchepa Neoprofi Maxym Rudenko Unknown
Romas Sinicinas (from June 1st ) Amore & Vita-McDonald's Juan David Torres Unknown
Lorenzo Bernucci (from September 6th) Doping ban Cameron Litter (until May 8th) Volksbank team


Surname birthday nationality Team 2009
Lorenzo Bernucci 15th September 1979 ItalyItaly Italy LPR Brakes-Farnese Vini
Valentino Carriero February 29, 1984 ItalyItaly Italy
Gianluca Cavalli March 12, 1978 ItalyItaly Italy Team Piemonte
Fabio Ciccarese November 19, 1980 ItalyItaly Italy
Juan Pablo Dotti June 24, 1984 ArgentinaArgentina Argentina Aerocat / Latino Cycling Team
Alfonso Falzarano April 15, 1976 ItalyItaly Italy
Ivan Fanelli October 13, 1978 ItalyItaly Italy
Oleksandr Kwachuk July 23, 1983 UkraineUkraine Ukraine ISD
Serhiy Matvyeev January 29, 1975 UkraineUkraine Ukraine ISD
Anton Mindlin July 9, 1985 RussiaRussia Russia Caixanova
Jesús Perez July 15, 1984 VenezuelaVenezuela Venezuela Alcaldia Bolivarina de Jiménez
Andrij Pryshchepa May 18, 1982 UkraineUkraine Ukraine
Alexei Shchebelin July 13, 1981 RussiaRussia Russia SP. Tableware Gatsoulis Bikes
Romas Sinicinas November 25, 1984 LithuaniaLithuania Lithuania
Manuele Spadi October 19, 1981 ItalyItaly Italy
Bálint Szeghalmi September 16, 1980 HungaryHungary Hungary Tusnad Cycling Team

Placements in UCI rankings

UCI Africa Tour

season Team ranking Driver ranking
2008 7th RussiaRussia Alexei Schtschebelin (11)

UCI America Tour

season Team ranking Driver ranking
2007 14th

UCI Oceania Tour

season Team ranking Driver ranking
2008 15th

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