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Antonin Magne

Antonin Magne (born February 15, 1904 in Ytrac , † September 8, 1983 in Arcachon ) was a French cyclist .

Childhood and youth

Antonin Magne was born on his grandparents' farm in Auvergne , who mainly kept dairy cows. Magne's father later leased his own small farm in Livry-Gargan , from where he delivered milk to Paris, including to the Pélissier family's "Vacherie de l'Espérance" dairy , whose three sons were also successful cyclists and rivals for Antonin Magne. The son took a liking to cycling when he delivered milk by bicycle. His younger brother Pierre also later became a cyclist and placed three times in the top ten of the " Tour de France ".

Cycling successes

Antonin Magne is considered one of the most successful racing cyclists of his era. In addition to his two Tour victories in 1931 and 1934 , his victory at the World Championships in 1936 and his two victories at the classic Paris-Limoges in 1927 and 1929 are particularly noteworthy. After his World Cup victory, the French cycling newspaper L'Auto published a collection with the signatures of 150,000 fans who congratulated Magne. He also received the French "Golden State Medal".

In 1934 Magne won the first individual time trial in the history of the Tour de France.

With the beginning of the Second World War , his cycling career ended.

After cycling

After the death of his father in 1940, who had driven to a mine in a team of horses, Magne took over his farm and supported the " Resistance " with milk deliveries. After the liberation from the German occupation, Magne became president of the Paris Dairy Association and sports director of the Mercier cycling team. He looked after drivers like Louison Bobet , Rik Van Steenbergen , Raymond Poulidor , Guy Lapébie and Henry Anglade . Pierre Magne ran his parents' farm after his return from captivity, into which he had fallen in 1940.

Magne was considered a closed and clever man, which is why he was also called "Tonin le Sage" (Tonin the Wise). In 1962 he was made a Knight of the French Legion of Honor . Until his death he was close to the French Communist Party.

In 2004, the last stage of the Tour de France led to Paris through his hometown Livry-Gargan in his honor .

Magne on the tour

Magne was able to win a total of ten stages of the Tour de France .


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