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The film house (2009)

The City Filmhaus is a Lübeck cinema .


Since it was foreseeable that Minna Kirch and Bernhard Kuyper would terminate the lease contract for the Eden-Lichtspiele they run since 1949 and safety deficiencies would have made renovation necessary anyway, they acquired the rubble property at Königstrasse 38 and had a completely new cinema built there in the summer of 1951. after separating from Eden . On August 8, 1951, the cinema with 470 seats was opened under the name City .

In the period that followed, the City's program consisted mainly of westerns , adventure and action films , which made cinema particularly popular with young people. In the 1950s and 1960s , the City Cinema was the home of the Lübeck rockers without ever having any problems with this audience.

In 1970, Kirch and Kuyper leased the City to Artur Mest , the owner of the Zentral Kino , so that they could retire.

City center

The City closed on March 16, 1980; Artur Mest had the theater converted into a cinema center that promised more efficient operation. The hall was divided into three smaller box-type cinemas with 302, 208 and 78 seats, which were equipped with modern cinema technology. The reopening took place on July 18th under the new name City-Center .

modern times

In 1991, the cinema became the property of the Kieft Group , which changed the concept: The previous mainstream strips were now replaced by selected and sophisticated films. The change from the entertainment cinema to cinema was emphasized by the new name Modern Times , inspired by the title of Charles Chaplin's film Modern Times .


From 1998 onwards, the cinema was called 2wei50 , accompanied by another change in the program concept: now rarely shown, unusual, older and still challenging films were shown, but at a uniformly low admission price of 2.50 D-Marks . In the following years the price rose continuously, but the name of the cinema remained unchanged.

Movie house

In 2006 the cinema center, which was meanwhile in need of considerable renovation, was renewed and reopened on July 18th under the new name Filmhaus . As a replacement for the light play Hope , which was closed since a fire in 2004 and was finally given up in 2006 , it is now used by the Kieft Group as an art house cinema with a high selection of films.

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