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Fiskal ( Latin : fiscalis = concerning the state treasury , originally: fiskus = woven basket, money basket ) was a representative of the state financial administration who represented the financial ( fiscal ) rights of the emperor or a sovereign before courts . The authority under him was the Fiscal Office.

The Empire fiscal in the Holy Roman Empire at the Imperial Court and the Reichshofrat was incumbent on it to act as legal counsel when the prerogatives , laws and constitution of the kingdom were injured, for example, against abuse of the coinage prerogative or disturbances of public peace .

His position as a public prosecutor in the criminal trial also resulted from his duties. It was so named because, according to the old system, in which a criminal could free himself by paying fines to the injured and paying pacities to the king, the representative of the royal treasury had to perceive such criminal cases as opportunities for public income. With the introduction of public prosecutors , they took over most of the tasks.

In the 18th century, taxes in Prussia were active in almost all areas of administration; these were subject to a general taxation . Its tasks also included the revision (control of accounts) of Jewish policy in enlightened absolutism under Frederick II. Between 1769 and 1779, Generalfiskal d'Anières criticized a total of 698 concessions , the recipients of which were supposed to pay subsequent taxes with a total value of more than 200,000 Rt.

The tax authorities of the French colony in Magdeburg had a relatively independent position .


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