Five (magazine)

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description Basketball for Life
Area of ​​Expertise basketball
language German
publishing company Park & ​​Ride Media GmbH, Munich
First edition 2003
Frequency of publication per month
Editor-in-chief André Voigt
editor Christian Grosse
Web link
ZDB 2160828-3

The magazine Five is a basketball magazine of the Munich company Park & ​​Ride Media GmbH. It has been published monthly since October 2003, and every two months in the summer months.

Five has several headings such as the “Log” for the editors' travel reports, the “Mailbox” for letters to the editor, or the “Shorts” with short stories about individual, especially less well-known players. The magazine differs from other basketball magazines mainly due to its proximity to the NBA and many self- guided interviews. One focus is the regular reports on various NBA players. According to the publisher, the print run of the magazine is 40,000 copies.

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