Formula Dé

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Formule Dé / Formula Dé
Game data
author Eric Randall , Laurent Lavaur
publishing company Ludodélire (1991),
Eurogames Descartes (1997),
Pro Ludo (2007)
Publishing year 1991, 1997, 2007
Art Racing game
Teammates 2 to 10
Duration 90 minutes
Age from 12 years

Formula Détai (or Formule Détai ) is a board game for 2 to 10 player, which of the formula 1 of the motor racing is modeled.

The game was developed by Eric Randall and Laurent Lavaur and was released in 1991 by Ludodélire as Formule Dé . In 1997 it appeared as Formula Dé at Eurogames Descartes and in 2007 at Pro Ludo . On the game in 2008 in Essen presented Asmodee (ehem. Pro Ludo ) a new edition with greatly improved graphics, a game console for each player with gears and plug damage markers and a game mode with street racing under the name of Formula D before.

The game is played on game boards that show different racetracks . Each player controls a racing car on the three-lane course, which he moves forward field by field according to the number of eyes rolled with one of six different dice. Each of the six dice corresponds to a course. The dice differ in the number of eyes that can be rolled minimally and maximally. The winner is the player whose racing car reaches the destination first.


Both Ludodélire and Eurogames Descartes have released many different expansions (new racetracks).

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