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The research study was in the GDR in addition to working as a research assistant and postgraduate an opportunity for promotion .


Research studies were introduced as a result of the Third University Reform through an instruction from the Ministry of Higher Education and Technical Education about the establishment of research studies at universities and colleges. The legal basis has been changed several times.

Legal position and activity of the research students

The prerequisites for admission to the research course were very good study results and social commitment. The duration of the research study was three years and thus one year less than the temporary scientific assistant. It followed immediately after the direct study or began shortly before it ended. Research students were not employees of the college or university, but rather students. They received a student ID and were able to use the associated discounts (including 75% fare reductions on the Deutsche Reichsbahn ). In the 1970s, research students received a basic scholarship of 300 marks from the GDR in the first year, 350 marks in the second and 400 marks in the third year. In the 1980s the basic scholarship was 500 marks. A performance scholarship of 100 or 150 marks was possible, but normally only in the second and third year. The focus of activities was in research, in particular the creation of the dissertation A . As a rule, research students also gave lessons, but to a lesser extent than temporary assistants. The lessons were additionally paid for by means of a fee contract. Research students were involved in the academic work of the chairs and sections . If the research study was not completed or broken off, the university certificate was recognized as a full university degree.

According to the judgment of the Federal Social Court of March 23, 1999, the research course does not qualify as an equal contribution period , since the research course was also financed by a state grant. Like all scholarships in the GDR, there are no additional pension entitlements in this context.

Academic degree

After completing the research studies and successfully defending the dissertation, the scientific degree of Doctor of a branch of science ( Doctorate A ) was awarded.

Individual evidence

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