Early Medieval Studies

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Early Medieval Studies

description German trade journal
Area of ​​Expertise Medieval Studies
language German
publishing company de Gruyter (Germany)
First edition 1967
Frequency of publication yearly
editor Wolfram Drews , Bruno Quast
Web link fruehmittelalter.uni-muenster.de/fmst
ISSN (print)

The Early Medieval Studies ( FMSt for short ) is a historical specialist journal, particularly on the history of the early and high Middle Ages , which is published as a yearbook of the Institute for Early Medieval Research at the University of Münster .

In 1967 Karl Hauck published the Early Medieval Studies for the first time as part of the establishment of the Collaborative Research Center 7 “Medieval Research” at the University of Münster . The magazine is designed by the editors as a forum for a conceptually extended, interdisciplinary medieval studies . Numerous contributions resulted from lectures that were given and discussed in Münster. Regardless of the title, some contributions touch a period from late antiquity to well into modern times. The magazine has been published by Wolfram Drews and Bruno Quast since 2017 . The editorial board includes Gerd Althoff , Arnold Angenendt , Michael Grünbart , Andrew James Johnston, Hagen Keller , Martin Kintzinger , Peter Oestmann , Bruno Quast, Nikolaus Staubach and Eva Stauch and until her death Karl Hauck († 2007), Ruth Schmidt-Wiegand ( † 2014) and Joachim Wollasch († 2015). The yearbook is published by the Berlin publisher Walter de Gruyter . In the meantime, the publisher also offers earlier volumes as an electronic resource. The language of publication is mostly German.


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