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The FRAPA ( F ormat R eCognition a nd P rotection A ssociation) is an international association of authors of TV formats . It was founded in Cannes in 2000 with the aim of strengthening format protection. The seat is in Naarden . Members are over 170 television production companies and associations from over 50 countries. The German members include, for example, the companies Brainpool ( TV total ), Grundy Light Entertainment ( Germany is looking for the superstar ) or Eyeworks ( Rach, the restaurant tester ).

tasks and goals

The current legal situation does not offer sufficient copyright regulation for the copy protection of television formats. For this reason, the association is committed to the recognition of television formats as protected works and to an appropriate participation of authors in the economic benefits that are derived from their work.

Specific tasks and goals are the development of an industry consensus that formats are respected and protected as intellectual property. The association has also set up a format registry. This international registration of format ideas and concepts can - similar to a patent office - prove the point in time at which a submitted concept already existed. Since April 2010, the co FRAPA with the WIPO ( W orld I NTELLECTUAL P roperty O rganization), which offers, in the case of format dispute mediation and arbitration.

C21 / FRAPA International Format Awards

The association has been presenting the FRAPA Award since 2005 , a prize to recognize innovative format concepts. Initially, the award was given in three categories: best game show format, best reality format and best scripted format. In order to increase the international influence, the FRAPA has been giving the C21Media / FRAPA Format Award together with C21Media since 2007 . The categories are: best studio based game show format, best scripted format, best competition reality format, best factual entertainment format, best multiplatform format, best comedy format, best brand generated format and The IFA Gold Medal. The winners will be determined by voting on the website. The C21Media Community has over 35,000 users from the entertainment industry. The voting takes place every year in September. The award is presented every year at the Mipcom in Cannes.

FRAPA report

In 2005, together with the market research company Screen Digest, FRAPA published an industry study The Global Trade in Television Formats on changes in the format market. The main results of this study are:

  • global television format sales of $ 6.4 billion in 2004
  • the leading position of England as the country of origin of format concepts
  • the position of the USA as the most important market in terms of production sales volume, followed by Germany, France and only in fourth place Great Britain
  • a dominant role for the Endemol group of companies in the global market

In 2009 the second FRAPA Report TV Formats to the World was published in cooperation with the international tracking agency The Wit and the journalist office TV-Sisters . The industry study examined international format trade in 14 countries. It gives an overview of the format market in Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, England and the USA as well as Denmark, Norway and Sweden, which were examined as one region (Scandinavia).

The report is divided into two parts: 1. Economic evaluation of format trade (2006–2008) 2. Country profiles.

The main results of the study are:

  • the number of formats traded has increased steadily. During the study period alone, 445 formats were exported
  • the production volume of the TV formats developed in the 14 countries generated sales of 9.3 billion euros in the years 2006 to 2008
  • Great Britain is the leading country in format retail, followed by the USA, the Netherlands and Argentina
  • Talent shows, studio game shows and quiz shows as well as coaching shows are the most successful genres. Sales of scripted formats and telenovelas are increasing.

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