Fred Hoyle Medal and Prize

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The Fred Hoyle Medal and Prize is awarded by the Institute of Physics for achievements in astrophysics, gravitational physics and cosmology and is named after Fred Hoyle . The medal is made of silver and comes with a cash prize of £ 1,000 and has been awarded every two years since 2008 (most recently on an annual basis).

Award winners

  • 2008: Michael Rowan-Robinson for pioneering research in infrared and submillimeter astronomy and observational cosmology (laudation).
  • 2010: Carlos Frenk for essential contributions to the development of the now widely accepted Cold Dark Matter model via cosmological simulations, new methods for calculating galaxy formation and analysis of galaxy surveys (laudation).
  • 2012: David H. Lyth for his contributions to particle cosmology, especially the origin of structure in the universe (laudation).
  • 2014: Anthony Raymond Bell for clarifying the origin and influence of cosmic rays and his essential contributions to energy transport by electrons in laboratory plasmas (laudation).
  • 2016: Sheila Rowan for developing and implementing a number of improvements to precision laser interferometers and pioneering work in gravitational wave observatory technology (laudatory speech).
  • 2017: Jane Greaves for significant contributions to our understanding of the formation of planets and the habitability of exoplanets through the observation of dust and debris disks around sun-like stars with telescopes in the far infrared (laudation).
  • 2018: Hiranya Peiris for her leading contributions to the understanding of the origin and evolution of cosmic structures by pursuing a novel interdisciplinary approach that combines theoretical, statistical and observational astronomy, astrophysics, numerical relativity and theoretical physics.
  • 2019: Gilles Chabrier for founding contributions to a variety of astrophysical fields, from planets to stellar and galactic astronomy.

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