Institute of Physics

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Institute of Physics
Seat London
founding 1874

place London
Members 37,000
The main building in Portland Place

The Institute of Physics (abbreviation IOP ; English for Physics Institute ) is Great Britain and Ireland's main professional association for physicists.

The organization was founded in 1874 as the Physical Society of London and has over 34,000 members worldwide. The IOP launched the website , an online guide for physicists. The IOP offers its members various services, such as career advice.

Physics World is the members' magazine of the IOP, which publishes, among other things, physics news and job offers. Together with the DPG , the IOP awards the Max Born Prize every year . The Dirac Medal (IOP) is a prestigious award in theoretical physics that it awards annually. The institute also awards the Isaac Newton Medal, endowed with 2000 pounds, for outstanding achievement in physics and, among others, the Mott Medal , the Maxwell Medal , the Rayleigh Medal , the Faraday Medal (formerly known as the Guthrie Medal), the Glazebrook Medal , the Fred Hoyle Medal and Prize , the Kelvin Medal, and the Swan Medal .

Together with the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences , the IOP publishes the journal Physica Scripta on behalf of the science academies and physics societies of the Scandinavian countries .

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