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Membership magazines go to members of a club or association . They are used for information and internal public relations . In terms of content and appearance, they are designed to suit the interests and tastes of the target group. The editorial part contains industry-specific and internal topics.

Most membership magazines are similar to general interest magazines . They are counted among the general-interest magazines by the information community for determining the distribution of advertising media (IVW) and are considered members' items. They are therefore part of the subscribed edition . A membership magazine is not always free, a separate amount can be charged or the subscription price can be included in the membership fee.

It is difficult to distinguish between a customer magazine and a member magazine . Both belong to corporate publishing and address their main target groups, i. H. Customers or members. Seminars or chargeable additional offers are sometimes advertised in member magazines. The same goes for health insurance companies, book clubs, building societies and banks. The member magazine of the General German Automobile Club, ADAC Motorwelt , has the highest circulation of any magazine in Germany with 13.8 million copies .

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  1. 13.56 million printed and 0.244 million distributed to members as ePaper