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ADAC - motorwelt
Logo of the ADAC Motorwelt
description ADAC membership magazine
Area of ​​Expertise Cars, traffic, travel, motorsport
language German
publishing company Burda Community Network GmbH ( Germany )
Headquarters Munich
Frequency of publication quarterly
(until March 2020 10 times a year)
Sold edition 335,567 copies
( IVW 2/2020)
Widespread edition 4,099,453 copies
( IVW 2/2020)
Range "ADAC Motorwelt" can no longer determine its numbers, ( page no longer available , search in web archives: ADAC Motorwelt ) million readers
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( MA 2014 I )
Editor-in-chief Martin Kunz
(since October 1, 2014)
editor ADAC
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ISSN (print)
Logo 2015

The ADAC Motorwelt (formerly subtitled Das Current Clubmagazin ) is the members' magazine of the ADAC . This was published monthly until March 2020 and was sent to the members by post; since March 2020 the ADAC Motorwelt has been published quarterly and has to be picked up in various supermarkets. It contains news and information on the subject of traffic, test reports on automobiles , breakdown tips and background information on traffic law, as well as reports and background reports on the tasks and core issues of the ADAC ( ambulance service , breakdown assistance , advice on vacation, etc.) and reports on traffic policy concepts. The ADAC Motorwelt , available exclusively to club members, has a circulation of 5 million copies.


The magazine has been published since 1925, but has forerunners that go back to the ADAC founding year 1903. In 1979 the edition was 5,906,960 and was produced by ADAC-Verlag GmbH in Munich . An online edition has been available since November 2005, which also contains links and films. It is available to ADAC members as an alternative to the printed version. The partnership with Zwischengas started in 2011 , in which all editions of the ADAC Motorwelt from 1925 to 2000 were published online and are still made available to ADAC members at a discounted price. The Motorwelt has been available as an app for iOS and Android since April 2012 . In February 2013, the first edition of Motorwelt, optimized for tablet computers, appeared .

The ADAC Motorwelt was sent to ADAC members at no additional cost until December 2019 (only as an e-paper for youth memberships ). Thanks to its wide reach, the magazine also helps shape opinion in Germany. Statements such as “Free citizens demand free travel” (in connection with the introduction of speed limits ) were coined by the ADAC.

Allegations of manipulation

On January 18, 2014, ADAC's head of communications and editor-in-chief of ADAC Motorwelt , Michael Ramstetter , resigned due to allegations of manipulation in the awarding of the Gelber Engel car award . According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the winning car VW Golf, which was awarded on January 16, 2014, only received 3,409 votes instead of the 34,299 votes mentioned in an ADAC document. According to ADAC, Ramstetter would have multiplied the number of votes, but not changed the ranking of the winners. Since October 1, 2014, the previous director of the Academy of Bavarian Press Martin Kunz has been the new editor-in-chief.

Title changes and publication history

  • ADAC - motorwelt. Date of publication : 1st year 1903 to 30th year 1933, No. 39 (from September 29, 1933)
  • DDAC weekly. Munich: The German Automobile Club. Date of publication: Volume 30, 1933, No. 40 (from October 13) - Volume 31, 1934
  • Motor world. The illustrated magazine of the DDAC. Munich: The German Automobile Club. Date of publication: 32.1935 - 36.1938.26
  • German motor vehicle. United with DDAC motor world. Corporate body: The German Automobile Club. Publishing house Th. Oppermann, Hanover. Date of publication: 7th year 1939 - 11th year 1942
  • Deutsche Kraftfahrt - Motor und Sport - Allgemeine Automobilzeitung - Das Motorrad - Motorwelt. Community Journal. Oppermann, Hanover. Period of publication: 1943–1944.- Issue 0, previously: Deutsche Kraftfahrt-Motorwelt.
  • ADAC - motorwelt. Official organ of the General German Automobile Club. Munich: ADAC-Verlag, from 1948. Period of publication: 1st year 1948, issue August / September until today

Current structure

motorwelt from 2020 for self-collectors

According to the editor-in-chief Michael Ramstetter, who was in office from June 1998 to January 2014, the magazine is “the most important link between members and the club”, because “you normally only notice that you are in the club when you have a breakdown.” Ramstetter shows itself to be careful - also with regard to the image of the ADAC - to make "one sheet for everyone", "for beginners as well as for retirees and women."

In 2002 a full-page, full-color advertisement cost 98,400 euros, a price that no other German magazine had reached at the time. By setting the ratio of ads to articles at 49:51, half of the budget could be covered. The association pays the other half from the membership fees. In an article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung it was stated: "Over many pages, classified ads are the dominant graphic element in the magazine." The ad prices in 2013 were 116,800 euros for a full-page, four-color ad.

The circulation was essentially based on the number of members, minus the so-called partner memberships, who only received one joint copy per household (2018 circulation: 13.3 million copies).

The e-paper versions of the magazine included in the circulation (380,157 copies in the first quarter of 2013) do not take into account whether a customer actually downloaded the document or not.

Development of the number of copies sold
Development of the number of subscribers

From 2020, the production and distribution of the magazine were transferred to Burda-Verlag . In future, the magazine will appear quarterly and will no longer be delivered by post, but can be picked up from ADAC branches and service centers as well as from Edeka and Netto Marken Discount branches on presentation of your membership card.

The magazine has a circulation of 5 million copies. The content has been completely redesigned.

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