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Local community Triklino
Τοπική Κοινότητα Τρικλίνου
Triklino (Greece)
Basic data
Country GreeceGreece Greece
region West Greece
Regional district Aetolia-Acarnania
local community Amfilochia
Parish Inachos
Geographic coordinates 38 ° 58 ′  N , 21 ° 27 ′  E Coordinates: 38 ° 58 ′  N , 21 ° 27 ′  E
Height above d. M. 605  m
Triklino, town center
surface 26.659 km²
Residents 145 (2011)
Population density 5.44 inhabitants / km²
LAU-1 code no. 38040215
Local division 2

Triklino ( Greek Τρίκλινο ( n. Sg. )) Is a small village in the municipality of Amfilochia in western Greece , with 211 inhabitants. It is located south of the northern foothills of the Kremasta Lake , which dams the Acheloos in its original direction. Triklino is also a village ( topiki kinotita τοπκή κοινότητα) in the municipality of Inachos of the municipality of Amfilochia and consists of two settlements: the village of the same name and the settlement Ambeli.

Triklino was first mentioned in 1840, when the town was mentioned under the name Priantza as a settlement of the Idomeni Valtou municipality. As early as 1845 the settlement was renamed "Priantsa". Priantsa formed a community (Kinotita) with the neighboring village of Alevrada until August 31, 1911, when Alevrada was split off from the community. Then Triklino formed an independent municipality with the neighboring village of Ambeli until the Greek local government reform in 1997 (valid from January 1, 1999). As part of the local government reform, the municipality of Triklino was dissolved and combined with other localities and previously independent municipalities to form the municipality of Inachos (Δήμος Ινάχου). Together with Inachos it came to the new municipality of Amfilochia with the administrative reform in 2010.

As a rural settlement structure, Triklino recorded a population decline of more than a third of the inhabitants from 1981 to 1991 (1981: 389 inhabitants, 1991: 229 inhabitants). In the following ten years the population of Triklino increased to 288 inhabitants, only to decrease again significantly after the turn of the millennium.

Giannikis Kasvikis comes from Triklino, who fell as a troop leader in the Greek War of Independence (1821-1829) on February 28, 1826 on the small island of Dolmas in the Mesolongi lagoon . The abbot of the Tatarna monastery, Stefanos Papadimitriou, as well as the brothers Charilaos, Christoforos and Alexandros Papaioannou, who made a name for themselves in the Greek resistance against the German occupation in World War II, also came from Triklino .


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