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Region of
Western Greece
Περιφέρεια Δυτικής Ελλάδας
Kreta Albanien Nordmazedonien Bulgarien Türkei Nördliche Ägäis Südliche Ägäis Ionische Inseln Peloponnes Attika Athos Westgriechenland Epirus |Thessalien Westmakedonien Zentralmakedonien Ostmakedonien und Thrakien MittelgriechenlandLocation of the region of Western Greece within Greece
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Basic data
State : Greece
Surface: 11,350 km²
Residents: 679,796 (2011)
Population density: 65.24 inhabitants per km²
Capital: Patras
Regional districts : 3
Municipalities : 19th
NUTS 2 code : EL63
Website : www.pde.gov.gr

Western Greece ( Greek Δυτική Ελλάδα Dytiki Ellada [ ðitiˈkʲi ɛˈlaða ]) is a region ( periferia Greek περιφέρεια ) of Greece. One part is located on the southwest coast of mainland Greece in front of the Ionian Islands around the mouth of the Acheloos river , the other part forms the northwest corner of the Peloponnese peninsula . Since 2004, the two areas have been linked by the Rio-Andirrio Bridge across a strait between the Gulf of Patras and the Gulf of Corinth . Western Greece has around 708,000 inhabitants, almost a quarter of whom live in the capital Patras .

In the ancient context, the West Greeks are understood to mean the inhabitants of Magna Graecia .

Regional districts and municipalities

The region of Western Greece is divided into three regional districts, which correspond to the areas of the former prefectures of the region. In proportion to their population, they send a certain number of MPs to the 51-member regional council.

Regional district Residents Seats Communities
Achaia 309,694 22nd Dytiki Achaia , Egialia , Erymanthos , Kalavryta , Patras
Aetolia-Acarnania 210.802 16 Agrinio , Aktio-Vonitsa , Amfilochia , Mesolongi , Nafpaktia , Thermo , Xiromero
Elis 159,300 13 Andritsena-Krestena , Archea Olymbia , Ilida , Andravida-Kyllini , Pinios , Pyrgos , Zacharo


Compared with the GDP of the EU expressed in purchasing power standards reached western Greece in 2006 an index of 59.8 (EU-27 = 100). In 2017 the unemployment rate was 26.3%. The unemployment rate in western Greece is the second highest among the regions in the country and one of the highest in the European Union .

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