Isaac Newton Medal

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The Isaac Newton Medal is an award worth £ 1000 (2014: approx. € 1200) awarded by the British Institute of Physics . The prize is awarded to physicists working around the world for outstanding achievements in physics and its sub-disciplines.

Award winners

  • 2008 Anton Zeilinger for basic research in the field of quantum information , the experimental implementation and the resulting knowledge about the microcosm .
  • 2009 Alan Guth for the theory of cosmological inflation .
  • 2010 Edward Witten for his work in particle physics , quantum field theory and general relativity
  • 2011 Leo P. Kadanoff : For inventing conceptual tools that reveal the deep implications of scale invariance on the behavior of phase transitions and dynamical systems.
  • 2012 Martin Rees : For his outstanding contributions to relativistic astrophysics and cosmology.
  • 2013 John Pendry : For his seminal contributions to surface science, disordered systems and photonics.
  • 2014 Deborah S. Jin : For pioneering the field of quantum-degenerate Fermi gases.
  • 2015 Eli Yablonovitch : For his visionary and foundational contributions to photonic nanostructures.
  • 2016 Tom Kibble (Postum): For developing the theory of symmetry-breaking in quantum field theory.
  • 2017 Charles L. Bennett : For his leadership of the Microwave Anisotropy Probe, a satellite experiment that revolutionized cosmology, transforming it from an order-of-magnitude game to a paragon of precision science.
  • 2018 Paul Corkum : For his outstanding contributions to experimental physics and to attosecond science.
  • 2019 Michael Pepper : For the creation of the field of semiconductor nanoelectronics and discovery of new quantum phenomena.

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