Fruit mustard sauce

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Fruit mustard sauce

Fruit mustard sauces ( ital. Mostarda purée ) are seasoning sauces that combine a sweet taste with a hot note and consist primarily of fruits, fruit juices, sugar, spices and a mustard aroma. In appearance and consistency, they resemble jam, and sometimes a jelly. They complement savory and sweet dishes.

The fruit mustard sauce was first created by Wolfram Berge in the Swiss canton of Ticino in the 1960s. Since then it has been known in many European countries.

The basis for fruit mustard sauces are various types of fruit such as figs , apples , pears , apricots and oranges . The sauces are then called fig mustard sauce, apple mustard sauce, etc. Depending on the manufacturer , the fruits are candied , used as fruit puree, in pieces or as fruit juice.

Similar to the mustard fruits , the more or less spicy note of a fruit mustard sauce is created by adding mustard aroma, usually in the form of mustard oil (spice essence from the mustard seed ). Unlike a combination of mustard paste with fruit, the fruit mustard sauce therefore retains its jam-like appearance. Depending on the sugar content and manufacturing process, fruit mustard sauces must be refrigerated or can be stored without refrigeration. After opening, you should carefully close the jar, as mustard oil is volatile and it would otherwise lose its sharpness.

Fruit mustard sauces are served as an addition to cheese, ice cream, meat and fish as well as to desserts and are suitable for decorating cheese platters and dishes.

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