Günter Cießow

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Günter Cießow (born February 23, 1934 ) is a German Go player.

At the European Go Championships he was European champion in 1960. He was the German Go Champion in 1960 and 1972.

Günter Cießow learned Go in 1947 from Felix Dueball , who founded the first Go group in Berlin in the 1920s. “At first there were only 30 members,” Cießow reported to Tagesspiegel in 2015 , “but the Go community grew quickly, also because it was supported by the Nazis. They wanted to promote the culture of their Japanese allies. ”After Fritz Dueball had won the first three European championships from 1957 to 1959, Cießow succeeded in replacing the son of his former teacher as European champion in 1960.

In 2008 Cießow wrote the book Felix Dueball in honor of his teacher . Go pioneer from Berlin. A reminiscence from a "Go" point of view .

Günter Cießow lives in Berlin-Charlottenburg and is still a member of the Berlin Go Association.

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