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Brother Gabriel-Marie (* as Edmond Brunhes November 16, 1834 in Aurillac , † October 25, 1916 in Paris ) was a French clergyman and mathematician.


Gabriel Marie was taught by the brothers of the Christian schools (Frères des écoles chrétiennes) and entered them as a novice in Clermont-Ferrand in 1850 . From 1852 to 1873 he was a mathematics teacher for the order at the Collège in Brioude , where from 1865 he also taught railway construction engineers in evening courses. In 1873 he became director of the Notre Dame de France boarding school in Puy-en-Velay . In 1878 he became a district visitor of the order (Haute-Loise and Lozère). In 1882 he became deputy head of the order (Supérieur Générale) and in 1897 himself Supérieur Générale, which he was until 1913. In 1900 the order still won prizes at the World's Fair, but was dissolved in France in 1904. The religious (around 10,500) continued to work as lay people or went abroad. About half of the 2,400 schools in France have been closed. Gabriel Marie went to Belgium, where he ran a school in Lembecq-lès-Hal . In 1913 he retired and moved to Paris.

He was known in France for his textbooks on geometry. They contained many exercises and examples. His Exercises de Geometrie , which comprises 1,300 pages, are encyclopedic in character (also with numerous historical remarks and references). In particular, it contains the solutions to the tasks set in the Elements de Geometry . His Exercises de Geometrie Descriptive were similarly extensive with 1200 pages.

His geometry books appeared under the initials FJ, FI-C. or FG-M. Only the last initial stands for himself, although he is the author of all editions. FI-C. stands for Frère Irlide (Jean-Pierre Cazeneuve), who was Supérieur of the Order from 1875 to 1884, and FJ for Frère Joseph (Jean-Marie Josserand), who was Supérieur from 1884 to 1897.

His brother Jean Brunhes was a professor in Dijon (Faculté des Sciences) and his nephews Bernard Brunhes and Jean Brunhes were also known as scientists.


  • Éléments de Géométrie , 2nd edition 1875, 9th edition Tours 1909, new edition Jacques Gabay, Paris 2009, later as Manuel de Géométrie with the last edition during his lifetime in 1916,
  • Exercises de Géométrie , 5th edition 1912, 6th edition Tours, Paris 1920, reprinted by Jacques Gabay,
  • Éléments de Géométrie Descriptive , 5th edition, Tours, Paris 1893, reprinted by Jacques Gabay
  • Exercises de Géométrie Descriptive , 4th edition 1909, 5th edition 1920, new edition Jacques Gabay, Paris 2000
  • Éléments de Trigonométrie , 4th edition, Paris, Tours 1890, reprinted by Jacques Gabay


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