Ciliary ganglion

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Nerves around the eyes

The ciliary ganglion ( ciliary ganglion ) is a ganglion that behind the eyeball at the optic nerve is located. In it, the parasympathetic fibers for the inner eye muscles are switched. In addition, sensitive and sympathetic nerve fibers also run through this ganglion , but without switching.

Parasympathetic part

The parasympathetic fibers ( radix parasympathica ) of the ciliary ganglion come from the III. Cranial nerves , the oculomotor nerve (hence also known as the radix oculomotoria ). Here they are switched to the second, postganglionic neuron . These fibers run over the Nervi ciliares breves to the

In addition, parasympathetic fibers are fed to the infratrochlear nerve , which supply the accessory lacrimal glands .

Sympathetic part

The sympathetic fibers originate from the neck-thoracic junction of the spinal cord ( centrum ciliospinale ) and extend to the head via the cervical ganglia ( ganglion stellatum , ganglion cervicale medium and ganglion cervicale superior ). In the ganglion cervicale superius (in animals ganglion cervicale craniale ) the switch to the second, postganglionic neuron takes place . From here the fibers run over the nervus or the internal carotid plexus, the corresponding part is also referred to as the ramus sympathicus ad ganglion ciliare , to the ganglion ciliare. From there, the fibers pass, also on the ciliary nerves breves , the dilator muscle pupillae ( Pupillenerweiterer ).

Sensitive fibers

In the Nervi short ciliary likewise extend sensory fibers of the vagus nasociliary , a branch of the fifth cranial nerve ( trigeminal nerve ) ciliary through the ganglion. But there is no functional relationship to this ganglion.


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