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Diaphragm gas meter with gas pressure regulator

A gas meter (out of date or colloquially sometimes referred to as a gas meter or gas meter ) is a measuring device for determining the amount of gas that has passed through in a certain period of time. Gas meters are mainly used in the field of gas supply, but are also used for exact quantity determination in laboratory tests. The unit recorded by the gas meter is the cubic meter in the operating state, which is converted into standard cubic meters for billing .

Depending on the technology, gas meters consist of mechanical or electronic devices for recording the gas flow and usually a counter .

Gas meters that are used in business transactions are subject to calibration . The calibration regulations stipulate the respective periods after which gas meters are to be subjected to recurring calibration.

For remote reading of meter readings, there is the option of equipping gas meters with interfaces. This can already be done at the manufacturer's or in some cases afterwards. For gas customers with a normal domestic gas consumption structure, the remote reading option is generally not used. In the commercial sector, i. H. In the case of larger gas consumers such as boiler houses, the use of a potential-free contact for further processing of the measured operating cubic meters is widespread in gas meters .

If the gas pressure at the house connection is more than 23-25 ​​mbar overpressure, most meters are also preceded by a gas pressure regulator (a special pressure reducer ) that reduces the high pressure in the gas network.

The British Samuel Clegg designed the first gas meter in 1816 . In Germany, the patented gas meter developed in 1880 by the former Mainz gasworks director Emil Haas became the market leader, but the " self-collecting gas machine" with coin slot , which is particularly popular in England, could not establish itself in Germany.


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