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Gaudimax (lat. Gaudium dt. Fun - the title is a play on words from the Bavarian word "Gaudi" + Audimax ) was a television program that was broadcast from March 26, 1991 on Bavarian television and from September 15, 1992 on Erste . The content of the program was to choose the best joke teller from three applicants (usually one person each from Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Moderator of the program was GERD RUBENBAUER .

In the first two rounds, the participants were given categories (e.g. doctor's joke, official joke) and had to present a corresponding joke. The third round was the favorite joke round, in which the participants should tell their favorite jokes and make the audience laugh.

The winner of the Gaudimax program was those who could tell the best jokes. Initially, the best joke was determined on the basis of the strength of the audience's laughter using a so-called "Lachometer" on a scale between 0 and 100. The joke-teller who achieved the highest score with his joke had won. Later, a three-person jury (members from Germany, Austria and Switzerland) was used to determine the best joke , which judged the jokes and awarded points between 0 and 10. Member of the jury was u. a. Walter Eschweiler . The Austrian teacher Harry Prünster won the first final in 1991 and started a career as a television and radio presenter on ORF .

After the first season on ARD was initially broadcast on Tuesdays at 9:05 p.m., it was expanded into a full-length program under the name “The Gaudimax Show”, which was broadcast from July 8, 1993 to September 30, 1994, despite continued criticism . In the following years there were additional specials on Bavarian television on events such as Carnival or New Year's Eve. In 1993, ten issues were also broadcast under the title "The white and blue Gaudimax".

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