Gebhard J. Selz

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Gebhard J. Selz (born May 18, 1950 in Freiburg im Breisgau) is a German ancient orientalist .

In 1998, Gebhard J. Selz, who was employed at the Free University of Berlin at the time, accepted a professorship at the University of Vienna , where he has since been full professor for ancient Semitic philology and oriental archeology at the institute for oriental studies at the university.

Selz has excelled with theories on the development of writing , presented using cuneiform script . Not only did he show a rich creative output, but he also showed an intensive commitment to conveying ancient oriental knowledge to a wider audience. He showed a particular commitment to calls for the preservation of cultural assets in Iraq after the third Gulf War in the USA, including through the symposium “Looting, Destroying, Forgetting: Protection of Cultural Assets in War and World Heritage in Iraq ”.


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