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Local origins is the collective term for local seeds and local woody plants . The term refers to seeds and seedlings of herbaceous plants and woody plants that come from a certain area within Germany and are therefore part of the area. The use of local origins for seeds and plants serves to protect species in general and prevents the flora from being falsified .

At the same time, the use of local seeds and planting material prevents species from being used that do not naturally occur in a certain area. This also prevents further spreading z. B. of invasive species .


From a nature conservation point of view, a plant is territorial if it comes from populations of indigenous clans that have reproduced in a certain natural area over a long period of time in many generations, and for which a genetic differentiation from populations of the same species in other natural areas can be assumed.

For pragmatic reasons, Germany was divided into a certain number of so-called occurrence areas (also called areas of origin for seeds) for the production and sale of seeds and plants. For the area's own woody plants, an agreement has been reached on 6 occurrence areas, for area-specific seeds on 22 occurrence areas.

Legal Regulations

According to § 40 BNatschG , from March 2020, seeds and woody plants may only be planted in their natural habitat. The background to this is that the spreading of origins from a certain occurrence area to another on the genetic level leads to a threat to biological diversity and is therefore regularly not subject to approval.  

Nature includes, for example, protected areas (nature reserves, landscape protection areas, etc.) and legally protected biotopes, adjacent roads outside built-up areas and other unpopulated areas outside built-up areas. Inner-city and inner-city areas are not part of the outdoors; Agriculture and forestry are also generally excluded.


Several federal states have already published guidelines on how to deal with or use regional origins. These include u. a. Saxony, Berlin and Bremen. The guidelines of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety must also be observed for local trees .

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