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description Wiki project in the field of computer genealogy
Registration Optional
languages German, English, Dutch
owner Computer genealogy association
Originator GenWiki community
Published 2004

GenWiki is a wiki project in the field of genealogy and regional history research.

The project is based on the MediaWiki software and is technically and financially supported by the non-profit association for computer genealogy . There is a registration requirement for the processing of articles, but cooperation is open to anyone interested.


GenWiki offers information on genealogical terms, first names, surnames , old disease and occupational names, genealogical sources and institutions and an extensive inventory of so-called regional articles for the collection of genealogically and historically interesting information. Right from the start, the latter are interlinked with the Historical Directory of Places (GOV), a database project for the administration of historical and current geographical, political and church structures. The project also includes a comprehensive collection of genealogical bibliographies , in particular for the mapping of church records and local family records .

In addition to the lexical content, the GenWiki pages are also the entry portal for the entire Internet offering of the Association for Computer Genealogy.


After developing the project idea in 2003, the project was started in summer 2004. Since 2008, the digital library began to record genealogically interesting literature as a scan and in full text, transcribed and searchable. The project, for which over 4,000 users have registered so far, now consists of around 356,000 articles, mostly with genealogical content. (As of January 2017)

In addition to the German version, there is a small English-language version that is primarily maintained by genealogists from the USA . A Dutch version, overseen by Dutch genealogists, especially for Dutch people doing research in German-speaking countries, has been under construction since 2008.

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