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Association for Computer
Genealogy (CompGen)
purpose Genealogy and family research
Chair: Susanne Nicola
Establishment date: October 26, 1989
Number of members: 3750
Seat : Luenen

The Association for Computer Genealogy (CompGen) was founded on October 26, 1989 in Dortmund . The full name of the association was initially “Association for the Promotion of IT-Supported Family Studies Research e. V. ", meanwhile" Verein für Computergenealogie (CompGen) e. V ". It operates nationwide and is entered in the register of associations of the Lünen district court. The aim of the association is to "promote science and research in genealogical and family history, including neighboring scientific areas".

The association has around 3,750 members (as of September 2018) from all over Germany as well as from Belgium , France , the Netherlands , Austria , Poland , Sweden , Switzerland , China , Indonesia and the USA . Today it is the largest genealogical association in Germany.

The Verein für Computergenealogie operates genealogical mailing lists and various online databases as well as other genealogical projects such as GenWiki on its own internet servers . Members can publish their genealogical research results through the association free of advertising.

The Historical Place Directory (GOV, until 2016 Genealogical Place Directory ) is a project of the Association for Computer Genealogy . In addition to the geographical location, this place database also contains other and earlier names of places as well as their historically changing political and ecclesiastical affiliations and is thus aimed at genealogists, historians and sociologists.

The association publishes the quarterly magazine Computergenealogie (CG), which is included in the membership fee. In addition, the almost 200-page booklet Familienforschung (genealogy made easy - computer genealogy for everyone) appears at irregular intervals .

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