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Archivist - journal for archives
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description German archival journal
First edition August 1947
Frequency of publication quarterly
Sold edition 3600 copies
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The archivist - magazine for archives (until the end of 2007 under the title: The archivist - information sheet for the German archival system ) is the leading German specialist journal for archives .

Issue No. 1 Der Archivar was published in August 1947 as a bulletin for German archives on behalf of the Association of German Archivists (VdA) , published by the Düsseldorf State Archives. In the preface to the first issue, Bernhard Vollmer pointed out that Der Archivar should continue and expand the Mitteilungsblatt , which was published from 1936 to 1945 by the Prussian archive administration to announce matters relating to the archival service, as an organ of all German archives.

Equipped with a license from the British military government dated December 14, 1946, the magazine was intended to be a link between the archives of all disciplines in Germany. The Düsseldorf State Archives and its head at the time, Bernhard Vollmer, took over the publisher's position on a fiduciary basis. The "Association of German Archivists" founded in 1947 designated the journal as its publication organ. In 1966, the Minister of Culture of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia assigned the main state archive in Düsseldorf with the official task of publishing the journal “Der Archivar” as a community organ for all German archives and archivists. In the same year the "Association of German Archivists" wrote in its statutes to publish its association messages in the "Archivar".

Four issues appear annually. Currently, the circulation is 3600. The magazine is mainly aimed at a specialist audience: archivists, but also readers from related disciplines (historians, librarians, administration). Members of the VdA receive the magazine as part of their membership.

The editorial department (formerly called editor-in-chief) was with the main state archive in Düsseldorf until 2003, and since 2004 with the state archive of North Rhine-Westphalia , Duisburg.

The full texts of the issues are available from 1999, issue 3, free of charge on the Internet.


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