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Public Prosecutor General is the official designation for a state civil servant within the salary order R in Germany . The term is also used as a translation of similar official designations in other language legal systems.


The owner of the office is in Germany usually head of agency or an Attorney General's Office and supervisor of the prosecutors , Office attorneys , registrars and other servants of his district. He himself is subject to official and technical supervision by the State Minister of Justice . At the federal level, this office corresponds to the Federal Prosecutor General at the Federal Court of Justice .

United Kingdom

The office of Attorney General in the common law legal systems is often translated using the term attorney general. In the United Kingdom , he is, along with his assistant, the Solicitor General , the highest representative of the Crown in government, but not a member of the Cabinet. He advises the government on legal issues and represents its interests in court.

United States

In the United States , Attorney General is the federal and state office that is similar to the Attorney General in other states.

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