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Geneviève Guitel (born May 24, 1895 in Marly-le-Roi , † July 30, 1982 in Neuilly-sur-Seine ) was a French mathematician. It is best known for the introduction of the pair of terms Échelle longue et échelle courte ( long and short scales ) to designate the two most widely used number name systems in the world in the decimal system .

Guitel took first place in the competition for the Agrégation in Mathematics in 1920 and was then a mathematics teacher at the Lycée Molière in Paris.

In 1953 she received her doctorate at the Sorbonne (doctoral thesis: Étude métrique des familles de tétraèdres et de figures apparentées ). In 1955, her dissertation was awarded the Opponent Prize of the Académie des Sciences .

She published as a mathematician at least in the period 1943–1979.


Among other things, she published Histoire comparée des numérations écrites (Flammarion 1975), where they are on p. 51-52 and in the chapter "Les grands nombres en numération parlée", p. 566-574, (in German: The large numbers literally ) made use of the terms échelle longue and échelle courte for the first time .

In the 1960s she also published on mathematics in Babylonian cuneiform texts.

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