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A geological state office in Germany is responsible for the collection and administration of geoscientific data of a federal state . It is the central point of contact for geoscientific issues such as geology , hydrogeology and engineering geology in the federal states. His tasks also include geological land surveys, the recording of raw materials and the planning of raw material extraction, the recording of geological risks such as earthquakes and other subject areas. The organizational form of the geological state offices is regulated differently: in some cases it is an independent state department, in others it is combined with others, often with the state environment office.

In Germany, the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR) in Hanover is responsible for geological issues at the federal level . In Austria, the Geological Federal Institute of Vienna is not only responsible for national geoscientific issues, but also for those that affect individual federal states .

Geological State Offices in Germany

The geological state offices can be reached centrally via the BGR internet portal. Various state offices offer online access to geological maps and other geological information, which can be accessed via the websites of the respective state offices. Some of the geological authorities listed do not (no longer) exist as independent organizations, but are specialist departments of the respective offices.

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