Gertrudis von Bentheim

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Gertrudis von Bentheim († 1303 ) was the abbess of Nottuln Abbey and Metelen Abbey .


Origin and family

Gertrudis von Bentheim was born as the daughter of Otto von Bentheim and Heilwigis von Tecklenburg († after 1301), daughter of Otto von Tecklenburg and Beatrix von Rietberg .

Career and work

Gertrudis was abbess in Nottuln from 1263 to 1277 and in Metelen until 1303. A first mention of the abbess can be found in a document in which Bishop Gerhard confirms that she is in possession of a house that she has acquired from her own resources for the benefit of the Nottulner Church. In documents dated February 2 and 15, 1276, she was certified as abbess of Metelen and Nottuln. From 1278 Gertrud resided in Metelen without giving up her title on Nottuln. She ran the Metelen Abbey until 1303.


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