Speed ​​field

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A speed field is a physical field that assigns a speed to every location in space . Since velocities are represented using vectors , the velocity field is a vector field , i. H. each point of the space must have both a velocity amount be as well assigned to one direction.

Velocity fields describe velocities in space without considering the physical causes  ( forces ) of the movements ( kinematics ). They therefore have the character of a mathematical aid and can be calculated from potentials or forces. In many cases the speed of a body depends only on its position and not on time; H. the velocity field is stationary and a description of the system is therefore relatively easy.

Velocity fields play a major role as flow fields in fluid dynamics . For example, water flowing through a pipe can be described with the help of a velocity field. The use of these fields has also become indispensable in other cases: e.g. B. the Navier-Stokes equation has a term that is directly related to the velocity field of the medium . A decisive advantage of the velocity fields in fluid dynamics is that they can be measured experimentally .