Chargé d'affaires

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As charge d'affaires ( chargé d'affaires ) are in diplomatic parlance, at least since the Congress of Vienna of 1814 and the Aachen Protocol of 1818, generally subordinated representative on the intergovernmental referred traffic. In this context the chargées are to be classified within the diplomatic hierarchy under the ambassadors and envoys .

Today the chargé d'affaires is primarily the representative of the ambassador in the management of the embassy during his absence, e.g. because of vacation. He is therefore usually the ambassador's permanent representative, for example the longest-serving envoy in Washington. To do this, it must be notified as such to the government of the host country. In a letter ( verbal note ) to the foreign ministry there, it is stated that the ambassador will be represented until his return.

An interim chargé d'affaires ad interim, chargé d'affaires ad interim, is a diplomat who is not necessarily accredited and temporarily entrusted with the functions of a chargé d'affaires .

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