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Important data
Origin: Hungary
Main breeding area: Hungary
Stick measure : 155-168 cm
Colors : mostly foxes
Main application area: Riding and carriage horse
Gidran at a horse show in Croatia

The Gidran is a horse breed from Hungary . It was founded by the stallion Gidran in the Hungarian stud Mezöhegyes .

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Anglo-Arabic type; expressive head, concave profile, large, shiny eyes, fine, pointed ears; medium-long, well-formed neck, prominent withers, long sloping shoulder, broad chest, strong, long back, long, strong, slightly sloping croup, high tail; Correct, clear legs, well-marked tendons and joints, somewhat short pasterns, hard hooves, height approx. 155 to 168 cm


The Gidran is a very intelligent, spirited horse who demands a lot of patience, intelligence and respect from his rider. With a lot of feeling and skill you can achieve maximum performance with Gidran - with a rough riding style you won't get very far with Gidran. Another reason why it has become “out of fashion” today.

Horse breeding

The gidran was also common in Romania and Bulgaria . Today this breed is said to be distributed worldwide only in a population of around 200 horses. In the past, the Gidran was used by the hussars and the police, today it is used as a riding and carriage horse.

The Gidran was also known as Grafensteiner in Carinthia, the southernmost state of Austria, until the end of World War II . Around the town of Grafenstein, east of the provincial capital Klagenfurt, a breeding population was settled with the local farmers during the time of the monarchy, with which remonts were delivered for the Vienna police. Allegedly, after the end of the Second World War, the British occupying forces brought the last of the mares and breeding horses to England. In Hungary there is a stud to the south of Lake Balaton, between the towns of Köröshegy and Kereki. Z. (2010) Gidran can still be bred.

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