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Glutin is a mixture of hydrolyzed proteins and the main component of animal glue ( glutin glue ). It is obtained by decoction of animal bones, cartilage and skins and fish bones. This process, which can also be carried out under pressure, creates an aqueous solution of the collagens , i.e. the structural proteins of the connective tissue in water, which are converted into glutin by hydrolysis and solidify again to a jelly when cooled . In purified form, glutin is also called gelatine .

Glutin is not to be confused with gluten , a vegetable binding agent .


Glutin is an adhesive that becomes malleable when heated and solidifies and binds when cooled. This process is reversible. In the preservation of monuments, glutin (glue) is still used today as a historical binder for glutinous glue paints and as a binder component of tempera paints .

Glutin can also be used as a (historical) glue for wood, cardboard, paper and fabric. Purified glutin (gelatine) is used for gilding behind glass.

Glutine glue is also used as a retarder for plaster of paris.


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