Grodno Governorate

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Coat of arms of the Grodno Governorate
Map of the Governorate of Grodno, 1834

The Grodno Governorate (Гро́дненская губе́рнiя) was a governorate in the Russian Empire . It was established in 1801 and expanded in 1815 to include the areas around Białystok , which had previously belonged to the Grand Duchy of Warsaw . Today its territory belongs to Poland in the western part , but otherwise to Belarus .

It had an area of ​​about 38,669 km², the capital was Grodno (Lithuanian Gardinas).


The governorate was divided into nine districts :

  • Bjelistok (now in Poland: Białystok )
  • Bjelsk (now in Poland: Bielsk Podlaski )
  • Brest (then also called Brest-Litowsk )
  • Grodno
  • Kobrin (Belarus. Kobryn )
  • Prushany
  • Slonim
  • Sokolka (now in Poland: Sokółka )
  • Wolkowysk (Belarus. Waukawysk )


According to the first all-Russian census in 1897, the governorate had 1,603,409 inhabitants. Of these, 705,045 were Belarusians, 362,526 Minor Russians (i.e. Ukrainians), 278,542 Jews, 161,662 Poles, 74,143 Russians and 10,284 Germans. The rest were Lithuanians and smaller groups.

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