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Map showing the course of ancient rivers in Mysia. The lower reaches of the Granikos is shown on the left.

The Granikos , later called Barenos and today Biga Çayı , is an ancient river in Mysia, Asia Minor .

In 334 BC In BC Alexander the Great met the army of Asian Minor Persian satraps and their Greek mercenaries under Memnon on Granikos . Alexander forced the passage across the river and put the Persian cavalry to flight in the Battle of Granikos . The Greek mercenaries were surrounded and killed. Memnon managed to escape and received from the great king Darius III. the supreme command of the Persian fleet. He died in 333 BC At the siege of Mytilene on Lesbos.

Until the 19th century, probably in the 4th century. BC crossed. By the Romans erected White bridge the river towards Gallipoli . It caught the attention of early European travelers for its neat finish and splendid marble paneling .


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