Gray-winged Erdbock

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Gray-winged Erdbock
Iberodorcadion fuliginator.jpg

Gray-winged Erdbock ( Iberodorcadion fuliginator )

Family : Longhorn beetle (Cerambycidae)
Subfamily : Weber bucks (Lamiinae)
Tribe : Dorcadiini
Genre : Iberodorcadion
Type : Gray-winged Erdbock
Scientific name
Iberodorcadion fuliginator
( Linnaeus , 1758)
Side view

The Grauflüglige Erdbock or variable Erdbock ( Iberodorcadion fuliginator , Syn. : Dorcadion fuliginator ) is a beetle from the family of longhorn beetles (Cerambycidae). Within this large family of beetles, it belongs to the subfamily of the Weberbok (Lamiinae) and to the Dorcadiini tribe .


The beetles are 10 to 15 millimeters long. They have a compact physique and have fused wing coverts , which is why they cannot fly. The body is black and has bluish gray elytra.


They occur from south-western Europe to central Germany (especially in southern Germany and Thuringia ) on dry grassland with little vegetation , but are absent in Austria , the Czech Republic , Slovakia and Poland .

Way of life

The animals live on the ground, where they feed on grass. The larvae develop on grass roots and do not live xylobiont.


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