Gray Cardinal

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Gray Cardinal
Paroaria coronata -Honolulu Zoo, Hawaii, USA-8.jpg

Gray Cardinal ( Paroaria coronata )

Order : Passerines (Passeriformes)
Subordination : Songbirds (passeri)
Family : Tangaren (Thraupidae)
Subfamily : Thraupinae
Genre : Paroaria
Type : Gray Cardinal
Scientific name
Paroaria coronata
( JF Miller , 1776)

The gray cardinal ( Paroaria coronata ) is a South American songbird from the tangar family.


The 20 cm long gray cardinal is gray on the back, wings and tail, white on the chest, belly and sides of the neck and red on the face, hood and throat.

Because of its diverse and melodic singing, it is a popular cage bird.


The bird lives in open grasslands with isolated trees and bushes, often near water, in southeastern Brazil, northern Argentina, Paraguay and southeastern Bolivia. It was introduced in Hawaii .


The gray cardinal is a sociable bird that often looks for seeds on the ground in pairs or in small flocks. He takes his resting place high up on a tree or bush.


During the courtship ritual, the male spreads his tail feathers and hops around the female with food or nesting material in its beak. The bowl-shaped nest of roots and grass is built below in bushes or small trees. Both parent animals incubate three to four eggs for about two weeks. The young birds are fledged at two weeks. But they will be fed by their parents for another week.


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