Gray Dawn

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Gray Dawn
Studio Interactive Stone
Publisher Interactive Stone
7th June 2018
platform Microsoft Windows
Game engine Unreal Engine 4
genre Adventure
Game mode Single player
control Keyboard , mouse
medium Download
language English, multilingual subtitles
Age rating
PEGI from 18

Gray Dawn is an Adventure - Computer game of the independent Romanian developer Interactive Stone. It was released in June 2018. The game is a psychological thriller with religious elements and revolves around Father Abraham, a priest trying to find a missing acolyte.


The game takes place on Christmas Eve 1920. Father Abraham has to solve several mysteries at once, starting with the disappearance of the altar boy David. It is implied that Father Abraham killed several children, and he must find evidence to protect himself from the unjust allegations. In dream-like sequences in the world of David, Abraham finds further clues and finally reveals what really happened. Father Abraham needs to piece these clues together to prove his innocence - if he is innocent.

Game principle and technology

The game mechanics consist of survival horror in a first-person perspective. The player takes on the role of the protagonist, Father Abraham, and explores the scenes by walking around and clicking on certain objects. The game has voice acting and subtitles to convey the story, and the player has the option to listen to recordings to learn more about it. To get through the story, the player has to solve some puzzles and can optionally collect seven pictures of Christ. Depending on whether the player has found all seven pictures or not, there are two different endings to discover.

Production notes

The game has been in development since 2015, and was released for PC on June 7, 2018 after a failed Kickstarter campaign with only € 2,542 of the € 50,000 target. The Bucharest game incubator Carbon provided development funding for Gray Dawn and also helped with mentorship and PR / marketing support. An update with the German translation by Marcel Weyers was published on July 13, 2018 .


publication Rating
Adventure meeting 70%
Metacritic 73

Gray Dawn received mixed to positive reviews. The Metacritic review database aggregates 5 reviews to a mean of 73. The game received a 5/5 star rating on, with reviewer Ginny W. saying: “The real strength of Gray Dawn is far from being properly controlled, the ability to run and look amazing on an economical PC and his use of psychological horror tropes to get the heart rate up. This game looks at the boundary between depicting real religion in a game and using it as an artful commentary and erases it completely. "

Alex Ney from Survivethis gave it a positive rating and wrote about the game: “Gray Dawn is a horror thriller from which even established studios can still learn something. With its Eastern European setting and thick religious paint, it creates immersive worlds that are very rarely found. If you value extraordinary adventures, you can't ignore Gray Dawn. "

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