Great chirp

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Great chirp
2018 06 11 Platymetopius major.jpg

Great chirp ( Platymetopius major )

Family : Dwarf cicadas (Cicadellidae)
Subfamily : Chirping (deltocephalinae)
Tribe : Athysanini
Genre : Platymetopius
Subgenus : Platymetopius
Type : Great chirp
Scientific name
Platymetopius major
( Kirschbaum , 1868)

The great beautiful chirp ( Platymetopius major ) is a dwarf cicada from the subfamily of the chirps (Deltocephalinae).


The cicadas are 4.5–5.6 mm long. They have a yellow to yellowish-green basic color. A broad, light brown stripe runs across the dorsal side from the tip of the head to the wing tips, which narrows sharply at two points on the forewings. There are also several small white dots on the strip.

Similar species

There are several species of cicada in the genus Playmetopius , which can only be distinguished from Platymetopius major by examining the male genitalia. These include Platymetopius undatus and Platymetopius melongicornis .


Platymetopius major is common in the western Palearctic . The species occurs in Central, Southern and Southeastern Europe. In the north, their occurrence extends to Denmark and southern Sweden. In contrast to Platymetopius undatus , the species is absent in Great Britain and northern Scandinavia . In Germany their occurrence increases towards the south.

Way of life

The warmth-loving species prefers dry grassland habitats on hedges or forest edges. The larvae develop on herbaceous plants and grasses. The adults fly from June. These are usually found on bushes and deciduous trees.

Individual evidence

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