Groove Networks

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Groove Networks was an American software company founded in October 1997 by Ray Ozzie .

Ray Ozzie became known as the creator of Lotus Notes , the world's leading groupware product with over 128 million users (as of 2006, information from IBM Lotusphere 01/2006).

For three years, until the end of 2000, Ray Ozzie had disappeared from the scene. During this time, he built up his new company with over 110 employees in a former shoe factory in Beverly, Massachusetts . The development of the Groove groupware application was financed through venture capital of around 155 million US dollars until 2005 - from among others, Lotus founder Mitch Kapor , Intel and Microsoft .

Today Groove Networks, market leader in peer-to-peer platforms (Groove Workspace), has the first major customers such as B. GlaxoSmithKline with over 10,000 licenses and over 100 business partners worldwide.

Groove Networks was completely taken over by Microsoft in March 2005 . The purchase price was $ 120 million, which was offset by Microsoft's previous investments of $ 80 million. Some previous investors came away empty-handed.

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