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Microsoft Groove is a collaboration application that was originally developed by the US company Groove Networks . In 2002, the company received the World Technology Award in the software category for Groove . Groove Networks was acquired by Microsoft in March 2005 for US $ 120 million and integrated into Microsoft Office 2007 ; However, Groove is also available individually. Starting with Microsoft Office 2010, Groove has been replaced by Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 .


An advantage is the possibility that communication and synchronization rely on peer-to-peer- like, ideally serverless structures, which enable the common use of files of any kind. Joint editing of the same Office document as well as chat, voicemailing and simple applications is also possible through Groove . It is suitable also for distributed project teams and also offers encrypted transmission end2end . The synchronization of documents and the exchange of information does not require that those involved are online at the same time, as the data can be cached on a Microsoft server.


Groove needs a relay via Groove Networks server, therefore not a pure P2P . It is also only available for Microsoft Windows.


The integrated chat (based on XMPP ) was replaced by Windows Live Messenger .

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