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Microsoft Publisher

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Basic data

developer Microsoft
Current  version Microsoft Publisher 2019
operating system Windows
category Desktop publishing
License Proprietary
German speaking Yes
Publisher website

Microsoft Publisher is desktop publishing software that enables the creation of print publications, e-mail headlines, and product presentations. In contrast to Microsoft Word, the focus is more on editing layouts .


The software is in addition to programs such as Word , PowerPoint or Excel in the Office package of Microsoft included. It is focused on smaller companies and private customers. It doesn't reach the complexity of Adobe InDesign , QuarkXPress or Affinity Publisher , but it is easier to use. The filename extension for files created with Publisher is pub .

Content can be published quickly and easily using templates in the WYSIWYG process. Design sets are available for this . Even greeting cards and invitations can be created and edited.

Up to version 2007 websites can be created with the publisher , but no HTML files can be opened. Only websites created with Publisher can be opened again with Publisher, but they also have the usual HTML extension. The functions for creating websites have been removed with version 2010.

Like the other programs in the Office suite, Publisher has an interface with so-called ribbons , although this function was only added in version 2010.

Lately, Microsoft has been neglecting publishers. There are hardly any visible differences between the 2016 and 2019 versions. Bugs when printing and selecting texts are not uncommon.


  • 1991: Microsoft Publisher for Windows
  • 1993: Microsoft Publisher 2.0
  • 1995: Microsoft Publisher 3.0 for Windows 95
  • 1996: Microsoft Publisher 97 (part of Office 97 Small Business Suite 1.0, last version for Windows NT 3.51 )
  • 1998: Microsoft Publisher 98 (part of Office 97 SBS 2.0)
  • 1999: Microsoft Publisher 2000 (also Office 2000 SBS, also known as "Version 6", the last version compatible with Windows 95 )
  • 2001: Microsoft Publisher 2002 (known as Office component "Version XP" or as "Version 7", the last version compatible with Windows 98 , 98SE, ME , and NT 4.0 )
  • 2003: Microsoft Publisher 2003 (last version compatible with Windows 2000 )
  • 2006: Microsoft Publisher 2007
  • 2009: Microsoft Publisher 2010 (introduction of the ribbon menus)
  • 2012: Microsoft Publisher 2013
  • 2015: Microsoft Publisher 2016
  • 2018: Microsoft Publisher 2019

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