Microsoft Photo Editor

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Microsoft Photo Editor
Basic data

developer Microsoft
Current  version Not further developed
(last: from Dec. 15, 2000, part of Microsoft Office XP )
operating system Microsoft Windows
category Graphics software
License Proprietary
German speaking Yes
Office page

Microsoft Photo Editor is a simple graphics program that came with Microsoft Office (versions 97 to XP) and only for the Windows platform . It was developed for the post-processing of photos and contains the most important import and export filters used in the office area for pixel and vector graphics: JPEG , TIFF , PCD , PCX , GIF and PNG .


The Photo Editor offers the following functions:

  • Convert image formats (only via Save as ... )
  • Change colors and brightness values
  • determine simple transparency for a color value (in GIF and PNG format)
  • add different effects (including sharpen and blur)
  • Rotate, crop or embed image fragments
  • Change resolution
  • to scan

Layers are not supported. Inserted image parts can still be moved, but merge with the background in the next step.

The successor to Microsoft Office Picture Manager

The successor, which has been integrated since Office 2003, is the Microsoft Office Picture Manager . However, some effects are no longer supported there. When upgrading Office, the Photo Editor is removed and may have to be reinstalled from the original Office version. The focus of the follow-up program is, in addition to basic functions for photo retouching, on image management (locally, in the network and on other media), as well as on sharing in the network or on websites.


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