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Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Microsoft Office Picture Manager logo
Microsoft Office 2010 SP1 Picture Manager
Microsoft Office 2010 SP1 Picture Manager on Windows 7
Basic data

developer Microsoft
Publishing year 2003 (with Microsoft Office 2003)
Current  version 14.0.6112.5000 (last version from Microsoft Office 2010 SP1)
(June 28, 2011)
operating system Windows
programming language C ++
German speaking Yes

Microsoft Office Picture Manager or shortly Picture Manager is a formerly of Microsoft developed image viewing and -bearbeitungsprogramm for Windows . It was part of the Office package Microsoft Office from version 2003. Since Microsoft Office 2013 it is no longer part and was essentially replaced by Windows Live Photo Gallery .


Microsoft Office 97, released December 30, 1996, first included the Microsoft Photo Editor program. This led to the development of the Picture Manager, which was first included in the Office program package on November 17, 2003 with the release of Microsoft Office 2003. In Microsoft Office 2013, it was removed from the Office suite. It is currently still included as an accessory from Microsoft in the free “ SharePoint Designer 2010 ” package and can be downloaded from Microsoft


Picture Manager enables you to view and edit picture files. It is possible to resize images without pixelating them. The program also offers some effects and filters such as B. AutoCorrect , red-eye effect remove , Rotate and flip , cropping and color . Special effects for photos, such as sharpening or blurring, which were implemented in Photo Editor, are no longer available.

In contrast to most of the other programs in the Office suite, Picture Manager has largely retained its user interface from the early years. The Ribbon interface introduced in Office 2007 did not exist in Picture Manager, but it was minimally adapted to the respective Office versions.

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