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An office package (also office suite ) is a collection of common software for office work , such as writing letters, spreadsheets and creating presentations. In contrast to the online office , the programs are installed locally (on the computer available on site). The most widely used office suite is the proprietary Microsoft Office , followed by the free LibreOffice and Open Office .

LibreOffice 3.4 Impress on Fedora 16 (Linux)
Screenshot of Microsoft Word 2013
Lotus Symphony 2.0 (MS-DOS)


For such a package in most cases include a word processing - Spreadsheet -, presentation and database - program .

A broader definition of the term also includes address, appointment and task management ( Personal Information Manager ), e-mail programs , programs for accounting and other programs frequently used in the office.

The components of the office suite are generally distributed together and are able to interact with one another at a higher level than the operating system itself would allow. In most cases, the individual programs are characterized by a graphical user interface that is consistent within the package .

File formats

The currently most widespread office suite comes from the US software company Microsoft , whose file formats have become the de facto standard. The ability to import and export these formats as comprehensively as possible is very important for every Office suite in order to be able to exchange data with users of Microsoft products.

In May 2005, the non-profit organization OASIS published the OpenDocument format, which was standardized as the international standard ISO / IEC 26300. It is currently u. a. supported by the office packages LibreOffice , Apache OpenOffice , StarOffice , NeoOffice , Calligra Suite , Microsoft Office and GOffice (GNOME Office).

In November 2008, the Office Open XML format was published as the international standard ISO / IEC 29500: 2008.

Office packages

Examples of locally installable Office packages are:

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