Framework (software)

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Framework is an office package developed by Robert Carr in 1984 for the IBM PC . Framework was later bought by Ashton-Tate (known as the maker of dBASE ) and developed further. Framework contains u. a. a word processor , a spreadsheet , a business graphics module, a desktop database and a communication module. It is particularly characterized by a graphical user interface and standardized operation in all areas. It also has a built-in macro language called FRED. Framework was launched as a competitor to Lotus Symphony and SPI Open Access . The last version developed by Ashton-Tate was released in 1989 as Framework IV. With the advent of Microsoft Windows , the framework became increasingly insignificant and could not prevail against programs like Microsoft Office .

Framework is now being further developed by Selections & Functions Inc. Version IX has been on the market since the end of 2008 and version X is in the works.

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